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Welcome to Dopperboerboel
(Updated 13 Sept 2016)

Thank you for visiting our website, home to Dopper Boerboel.

This year 2016 we celebrate 33 years of boerboel breeding. We are one of the oldest and well known boerboel breeders in the world. It took hard work and endurance to get here, 33 years later. Rev. Buys has a strong passion for this breed and this is evident the quality boerboels he produced.

We at Dopper Boerboel strive to give you the best family pet you can ask for. The boerboel is world known for their excellent temperament and characteristics. Dopper Boerboels are very soft and loving to children. Our Boerboels are hand picked and only the best bloodlines are used when producing litters. Boerboels are our passion and we want to improve this wonderful family dog even more. A boerboel is also a good working dog, guard dog and friend to anyone. A Boerboel will protect you with his life. The boerboel is a very stable dog and with no health issues if correctly bred. Dopper boerboel want to breed better boerboels with every litter we produce. If you want the best pet ever for your home, get a Dopper Boerboel today!!!!

We hope you enjoy your visit. In this section we display some of the Boerboel dogs bred by Dopper boerboel. We would like you to make a well informed decision before you purchase a boerboel.

Dopper Madala 86.7%

Dopper Simson 84%

Dopper Oubaas 85.67%

Dopper Hitler 87.8 %Dopper Butch 87.6%


Interview with Rev. J.C. Buys:

Rev.Buys answers some questions about owning a Boerboel.


Enjoy the visit.

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